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Hi guys! My name is Jessica and I reside in a tiny town in Northeastern Washington state. I consider myself a globe-trotting adventurer and writer by passion. My true loves in life are my dog (Griffey, a maltese/shitzu), all dessert, my morning cappuccino, traveling, challenging myself in the outdoors, and beautiful sentences. All these things fill my heart and soul.

I became a widow in my 20’s when I lost my husband to melanoma. This blog was started 2 years after his passing as a coping mechanism for me to reflect and chronicle the 6 month cancer battle and my 6 months of traveling following his death. Since time continues to pass, and the earth continues to rotate, my life too, has to go on. This blog has now evolved into a passion fueled travel blog. I titled it “My Feet Will Lead Me” because this whole process has been about putting one foot in front of the other, and trusting there will be a path there – trusting that somehow, if I just keep going, eventually I will be as close as possible to finding my role and purpose on this planet. We can’t predict the future, or even control much of it, but if we keep moving forward, we’ll forge our own path, despite how different it might be from what we expected.

The lesson I learned from the loss of my husband was to live in the moment. He taught me that experiences and connections are what matter most. I made a commitment to work less and experience more. I don’t want to wait to follow my dreams and check things off my bucket list. I hope you don’t either. Loss and tragedy are not the end of our story. If you’re reading this, you still have the choice to make your life what you want it to be. Live life to its fullest in a way those we’ve lost would want us to. 

This travel blog will focus primarily on the travel style that I am most influenced by: ADVENTURE and CULTURAL EXPERIENCES. I live for those “take-your-breath-away” moments – moments that you can do nothing but stand in awed silence, with a flutter in your chest, a tear in your eye. That could mean flying in a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef or playing ball with kids in a remote African village. I try to travel alone at least once per year. It gives me confidence and I get to know myself better. It sounds cliche, but seeing the world puts your own world into perspective. It is healing and helps you grow into your purpose on this planet. 

I am a whirlwind traveler, making the most of each minute in a new place. My itineraries are about balancing the top highlights with off-the-beaten-path experiences. I especially like to showcase unique and quirky hotels with a flare for luxury and views. Join me on my journey to explore the world both near and far. My “list” is a mile long, and I accept the fact that I can’t see and do it all. But I can try. I hope even just one person can find something positive from reading this: maybe some inspiration, a sense of commonality, or a perspective of treasuring experiences and people in your life while they’re still here.

Thank you for visiting and perhaps following along. Comment, send me a message, let’s connect in as many ways as possible. I want to know you personally. If you’ve experienced personal tragedy, loss, or are living in grief right now, I want to be a testament to you that the pain will lessen. I promise you are not alone. We will never forgot that loss and pain, but we will move forward becoming a better, stronger version of ourselves with something to offer others in their walk.

To read the entire cancer journey (my original blog), click HERE.


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