New York City

I try to go to New York City for at least a few days each year or whenever an excuse presents itself. I always have a fabulous time sightseeing and eating. I think NYC is my favorite place. That’s a bold statement, so I guess I would rather say it’s ONE of my top few favorite places. Of all the places I’ve ever been, there are only a couple places I like to return to over and over again, and NYC is one of them. It has a magic and mood that draws me in and make me feel at home. It’s a place where people go to follow their dreams and a new lifestyle. NYC allows you to be yourself or someone completely different, you can blend in, feel anonymous, and there’s a simultaneous feeling of “content loneliness” while never really having to be completely alone. And the food…every street is lined with restaurants with food from every part of the world – ridiculously good food, coffee, and dessert. We’ve enjoyed Tibetan/Himalayan, Japanese, Balkan, Latin, Thai, Mexican, amazing pizza, numerous crepes, pumpkin cheesecakes, cannoli, and creamy mochas.

For our different visits, we’ve rented a little apartment in the East or West Village, rode bikes through Central Park, went to the Top of the Rock Observatory, the Natural History Museum, the MET, gorgeous old churches, the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower, and to concerts. When visiting NYC, I highly recommend utilizing (I know many NYC apartments have outlawed it) instead of a hotel. Just make sure you choose a place with lots of great reviews, tons of pictures, google the address and check out the street view and restaurants nearby, verify close subway access, and keep in contact with the owner up until the last minute so there are no surprises. Renting an apartment is cheaper than a hotel, you get more space (sometimes), plus you have a kitchen to utilize. You’ll find far cooler neighborhoods and quaint streets. When you go to NYC, you want to feel like a New Yorker, not a tourist. If you get the chance, I can’t recommend a trip to NYC enough and I can’t wait to go again and again.


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