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A perfectly temperate breeze drifts through the open patio doors causing the sheer white curtains to dance. The morning sun begins to illuminate the sky with a warm glow and puffy, cotton-candy-pink clouds dot the sky. My perfectly white room grows lighter with each passing moment. I can see and hear the turquoise sea outside calling me, gently lapping against the rocky beach, but this room is something out of a dream and I can’t quite make myself get up. But I eventually do, because I know a lovely breakfast in a wooden tray will be delivered to my room shortly. And there is so much to explore on this quaint and authentic island. This is a typical day at Salt Suites, Milos.

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Salt Suites review, Milos, Greece

I was lucky to spend three beautiful days on the gem of a Greek Island, Milos. Just a short ferry jaunt from the more popular (and tourist saturated) Santorini, Milos is famous for its dramatic rock formations and stunning coastline. I could have easily spent weeks here, but true to form, I was still able to pack significant sightseeing into my short time. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece make their home on the rugged coastline of Milos, so this is the island where I lived in my swimsuit almost the entire time. To read all about what I think are the two best islands for avoiding crowds, click HERE.

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One of the best boutique hotel in Milos, Salt Suites and Executive Rooms is located just a few minutes walk (or scooter ride) from the lovely little port town of Pollonia. After exploring the island, I think this is the best areas to base yourself out of. Pollonia has quite a few restaurants right on the water, lovely beaches nearby, plus some of the boat tours around the island either depart from or arrive here. Keep in mind that Pollonia is not the main port town. Ferries arrive to the equally adorable little village of Adamas, which is about a 15 minute drive from Pollonia. Salt Suites will be happy to send a transfer or taxi for you. Just let them know when your ferry arrives.

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Although close to Pollonia, Salt Suites has an amazing element of privacy and seclusion. It is the last hotel on the road, right on the water with very few other hotels around it. The views of the little cove in front of the hotel from the private decks or patios are stunning. The building is the traditional white with elements of rustic driftwood decor; completely chic and modern while being ridiculously cozy and tranquil.

exterior, salt suites, milos, greeceSalt suites, milos, Greece deck, salt suites, milos, greece

I was ecstatic to see my room, which was something out of a magazine. The patio doors allow tons of light in and there are these fabulous white cubbies that provide storage for a mini fridge, toaster, electric teakettle, cutlery for in-room dining, and a spot to store things. The bathroom is what dreams are made of: gorgeous rain shower, high ceilings, ambient lighting, and a huge traditional sink. How can I copy this design in the US?! I want a Greek bathroom! Provided luxuries are big fluffy white bathrobes, slippers, and a hairdryer.

Salt Suites, Milos, GreeceSalt suites, milos, Greece

Unique little touches include the sign to put on your door to indicate you are “Out to the beach” or “I’m sleeping in.” For ordering your complimentary breakfast, you select items on a list and mark how many of each, also noting what time you would like to have breakfast delivered, then hang the order outside your door the night before. An additional menu in the room offers food, coffee, and alcohol for an additional cost. On my last evening, after the scooter had been returned to the rental agency, I was too lazy to walk to town for dinner, so I called down to the front desk and ordered chocolate cake with ice-cream which was delivered minutes later. It was literally the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

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Few things are as special as breakfast on your balcony in the morning light, with the sun rising overhead turning the ocean turquoise. A wooden box is delivered to your room at the time you request, and then you can choose to have it wherever you like. Have breakfast in bed if that’s what makes you happy. Each day we indulged in yogurt with honey, fruit, cereals, different pastries and cakes, little sandwiches, fresh squeezed orange juice, and cappuccinos.

breakfast, salt suites, milos, greece

Salt Suites in Milos is an exceptionally special place. You cannot go wrong with this island and you won’t be disappointed with this chic choice of hotel. The design, the view, the service, and the location are all top notch and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again and again. I’m relatively mind blown that Milos is not bustling with tourists like some of the more popular islands. It will be on my list for a much longer stay the next time I hop around the Greek islands and rest assured I’ll be found at Salt Suites again. Read “The Best Greek Islands to Avoid Crowds” to see which other island I recommend. Perhaps I shouldn’t be divulging the “secret.” You’re welcome. You can find more about Salt Suites as well as contact information for the hotel HERE.

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*Thank you to Salt Suites and Executive Rooms for graciously hosting me and providing a truly remarkable stay. As always, all opinions are definitely my own.

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23 thoughts on “Salt Suites Milos Review

  1. Nina

    Your trip looks amazing! Santorini is on my list of places to visit! I love that you can take a scooter or walk to where you need to go. Hotel looks great and views are spectacular!

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Thank you so much for reading, Nina! Santorini is definitely amazing and should be on everyone’s list! It’s stunning. I definitely recommend a combo of Santorini and at least one other lesser visited island, like Milos. It’s stunning and much better for swimming and beaches.

        1. Jessica Carpenter

          Yay! I think you’ll love it. If you feel inclined, I’d be grateful if you booked through my link if you use Booking. Helps me a little bit and doesn’t cost you any extra. Have a wonderful time!


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