The Most Ridiculous and Bizarre Gifts and Amazon Oddities

As a traveler, I don’t typically want big gifts or things that just sit around. I call myself “the anti-hoarder” because I’m constantly trying to get rid of things and I hate clutter. I have an obsession with downsizing the amount of material possessions in my life. Occasionally, however, I find things I want or that would make ridiculously cool and bizarre gifts that are either practical and useful or totally pointless novelties. This list of bizarre gifts and Amazon oddities is definitely more the latter.

Bizarre Gifts

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Amazon Oddities

I found myself browsing Amazon’s “New and Interesting Finds” and seriously just wanted to share it with you. They are silly and pointless, but my wanderlust and whimsical side had me sucked in. Here’s my “I want this but I definitely don’t have a good reason for buying it” list. I’m suggesting it to you as ideas for bizarre gifts.

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Funky Decor

Who wouldn’t want old fashioned suitcases? One with an old map? Probably not the most practical travel luggage option, but this would make a rad decoration. And how about the chairs? How ridiculous is that? Ridiculously cool, that is. And a mushroom nightlight? Totally necessary. As is the sloth blanket and sloth shower curtain. Just stop with the cute sloth stuff. I can’t take it.



Whimsical Water Bottles and Mugs

I’m a sucker for water bottles, especially glass or double paned ones with a straw. When I’m traveling or working on something, I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should if my bottle doesn’t have a straw. Who wants to take the time to unscrew a bottle every few minutes? So perhaps the mugs are not exactly “whimsical.” But we all have that friend or relative who can appreciate poop, right?



Bizarre Random Tools and Gadgets

Everyone needs a crab Swiss army knife, obviously. And mermaid tale nail clippers are just way better than regular nail clippers. If you’re going to have a blue tooth speaker in your home, why not make it funky and unique like this retro one? And elf ears for making those uncomfortable Christmas parties even more awkward.

Bizarre Gifts For the Color Obsessed

I’m guilty of steering away from color too much in my life. I tend to go with classic and practical. In my future home, that will not be the case. I’m going to buy things that look like they exploding out of the rainbow. Perhaps not the rainbow wig, but how fun would it be?



Bizarre Gifts for the Dog Lover

I think it’s obvious that anyone with pets should have a teepee for their pet. And don’t you just hate when your dog can’t see through the fence? Give him a window for goodness sakes. On the same note, for those of us who take our small pets with us, the astronaut backpack is on point with both functionality and style, clearly.



Bizarre Gifts for the Tropical Lover

Certainly not practical, but clearly desirable, these pineapple beachy vibes are perfect for the beach lover in your life. A rose gold pineapple to drink your cocktail by the pool is about as classy as it gets. And for those hot days when you have to pull out the fan to get a breeze, you might as well make it a metal pineapple fan. Keep the pineapple tropics going through the night with pineapple gold string lights. And if you’re a real nut job, try this pineapple purse.


Bizarre and Colorful Kitchen Items

I may be obsessed with teal and mint. And an egg yoking pig because why not?



Bizarre Travel Accessories

It’s always good to have a travel backpack for day trips as well as a warm hat for colder weather traveling. Not so bizarre.


Rose gold Minnie ears perhaps a little more bizarre, but hear me out. How great of pics would you be able to get at Disneyland? Way cooler than regular Minnie Ears. Its a great idea to bring a thumb drive while traveling to store pictures, so naturally this “thumb drive” is a perfect travel accessory. And a compact little thermos like this ridiculous little rabbit-eared one is pretty cute, right?


Ok, so the bizarre hooded faux fur cape is probably not something you’ll pack in your suitcase and take to Mexico – but imagine the fun photos you could get somewhere like Iceland or Finland with this baby. A little creepy, I know. And here’s an idea, since the fanny pack has made a come back, let’s shake it up a little with ones like this hairy belly one! And socks. Avocado socks.


I hope you enjoyed this list of bizarre gifts and Amazon oddities; some of the most bizarre gifts you can get for that special someone. Whether it’s a bizarre birthday or Christmas gift or just the perfect item for that nut job in your life, I hope I at least inspired you with strange or unusual gift ideas.

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Amazon Oddities! Ridiculous and Bizarre Gifts that you can't help but want!

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