Fairy Tale Tree Houses – Treehouse Point, Washington

temple of the blue moon, treehouse point, washington state tree house

I have a fascination with unique, quaint places that take me away from the ordinary. Perhaps it comes from my love of fantasy films and fairly tales. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart and want my dreams to come alive. Certain places and things in life take me back to a place and time as a child when life was simple, carefree, and all about the feels. Exhibit A: a treehouse.

temple of the blue moon, treehouse point, washington state tree house

Many children are enthralled by the magic of a tree house…but why not indulge in that whimsical fantasy as an adult? There is no better place to do so than Treehouse Point, in Fall City, Washington.

This retreat was opened in 2006 by Pete Nelson and family, whose construction company, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, creates tree houses around the world both on and off TV featured in the Animal Planet series, Treehouse Masters. Only about 30 minutes from Seattle, this gem offers 6 unique tree houses for overnight accommodation, tours by appointment, or a location for private special events like weddings. Truly a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway, Treehouse Point offers yoga, tai-chi, massage, and a kid-free environment to relax.

treehouse point, washington state tree house
Specifics of Treehouse Point

Treehouse Point can be considered a bed and breakfast. You feel like you are part of a family there. The hosts are wonderfully friendly and informative and they’ll encourage the guests to get acquainted with each other and swap views of each other’s tree houses as a means to see them all. A lovely homemade continental breakfast is prepared by one of their chefs in the morning and enjoyed at the large table in the lodge.

Situated only about 20 miles east of Seattle, and just a few minutes off of Interstate 90, Treehouse Point is close to plenty of hiking and winter activities as well as within a 15 minute drive of plenty of restaurants. Situated on a lush chunk of land, Treehouse Point makes you feel a world away from the city. Set in a quintessential pacific northwest forest scene, large moss covered spruce and cedar trees dominate the landscape with the rushing river below providing the soundtrack.

The property boasts 6 unique and individually designed tree houses, all with their own quaint and distinct features. With homemade touches and vintage pieces, the decor of each is was obviously considered with great care and appreciation for warm and creative aesthetics. The small touches throughout the property were inspiring to the point where I found myself snapping pictures of design ideas for future reference for my own home.

Some tree houses are single level, very cozy little spaces, whereas others are two stories or a little more roomy. When you email Treehouse Point for more information, they will provide a large description with extensive details about each treehouse and their respective prices.

I will say, with much conviction, that the first tree house to grace the property, Temple of the Blue moon, is undoubtedly my favorite and the one I plan to book on future visits. It feels the roomiest and having the only suspension bridge makes it the coolest in my opinion.

Burl is the other tree house I had the honor of slumbering in, and it is similarly private with a scenic access bridge and the only tree house to feature a flush toilet, which is a major perk.


Speaking of toilets, the bathroom situation may be a concern for some, but rest assured, TreeHouse Point has mastered the art of combining luxury and comfort with tree houses. Of the 6 tree houses, 3 have composting toilets and one has a flush toilet, none of which are necessary for most people. The bathhouses are located a minute away and are spacious and comfortable, featuring two private rooms each with heated floors and adjustable heat, a glass shower, sink, toilet, hairdryer, and all the other essentials you should need like shampoo and body wash. There is also a third bathroom at the back of the large Pond Room, where exercise classes take place. I happened to be staying during an incredibly cold few days for Western Washington and appreciated a fantastic hot shower and warm floors to walk on. I suggest bringing a warm robe and outdoor slippers along with a shower tote of some sort to go back and forth between your room and the bathhouse.

I was surprised by the numerous amenities in each tree house. Enjoy the comforts of adjustable heat, varying options of lighting, iPod docks (you may need an adaptor because the ones I saw were for the old iPhone), electrical outlets, linens and towels, ear plugs, and a hot water kettle with mugs and a selection of teas. I wished there were robes and slippers, but I was happy I thought to bring my own.

The lodge (a converted home) is the common area where you can access free wifi, find reading material or games, maps for hikes, gather for breakfast, and find fresh baked cookies, hot cocoa, chai tea, or marshmallows if you decide to build an outdoor fire. If you have leftovers or snacks, you can keep them in the small refrigerator in the lodge or borrow one of their coolers. The lodge also has one suite called the Cedar Suite with a private bathroom for those who may want to enjoy the property but desire a more traditional room.

The tricky part is finding availability, especially if you’re particular about which tree house you want. Getting Temple of the Blue Moon is like winning the lottery, which amazingly I got because there was a cancellation. Weekends are booked for weddings and events first, then 60 days prior to those dates, they are released online on Monday at 2:00 pm. So be flexible with dates and try to shoot for weekdays if you can. There is a 2 night minimum stay in effect with the exception of occasional Sundays that become available. The other exception is during the months of January and February. Those months give you the ability to book different nights in different tree houses or just stay one night. So plan far in advance or inquire about last minute cancellations.

Price, naturally, is the main question on most people’s minds. Without providing specifics, suffice it to say the tree houses range in price from $290-$390 per night. For most, that is not pocket change. But consider saving and splurging for a weekend getaway with your significant other.

Go for a hike and get a massage. There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the Snoqualmie Pass region, but for an easy and scenic day hike, I recommend Franklin Falls which is about a 30 minute drive from Treehouse Point. Consider that the hiking distance can be significantly farther in the winter depending on how much of the road is plowed.

For those looking for a unique and magical experience, Treehouse Point offers the perfect alternative to ordinary. An excellent weekend or midweek getaway, two nights is an ideal stay to feel like you’re a dimension away from your normal life. I’m about to start considering my next stay for some warmer weather and spring or summer hiking to accompany my treehouse satiation. Visit www.treehousepoint.com and request information if you’re interested in booking.

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8 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Tree Houses – Treehouse Point, Washington

  1. Ciara

    Thank you so much for all the great info! Of course, as always, beautifully writen. You descirbe it in a way that makes it impossible to not want to go. Thank you for letting me and I’m sure many other followers and readers, a chance to live vicariously through you and your beautiful adventures 🙂

    1. Jessica Carpenter

      Oops, just now seeing this comment Rona! The treehouses were so rad. Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Amanda

    These look amazing! There are some getaways here in Australia that have houses in the trees as well! They run pretty pricey, but look so unique and cozy! This will be on my “must visit” list if I ever have all the money to travel! Thank you for sharing this! So Cool!

    1. Jessica Carpenter

      Awesome Amanda! Thank you so much for checking this post out. Treehouse Point was literally one of my favorite places, and it’s just right here in my state. Where are you from? Yes, I agree they are pretty pricey, but would make a great anniversary getaway or something. Thanks girl!

  3. Davi

    These look so whimsical and enchanting! I would love to stay here. The pictures don’t even look real (and I’m sure don’t do justice to being there in real life)!

    1. Jessica Carpenter

      Hi Davi! It truly was whimsical, that’s the perfect way to describe it. It made me want my own treehouse. Where are you from? If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, consider taking a trip to the treehouses. They are so much fun.


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