Why You Should Visit Hallstatt in Winter

winter in Hallstatt, Austria

You’ve undoubtedly seen the stunning, fairytale photos of Hallstatt, Austria. Each winter I have this obsessive Christmas nostalgia that draws me to European fairytale towns and Christmas markets. Hallstatt was at the top of my list for beauty and quaintness. But my first questions was: is it worth visiting Hallstatt in winter? And secondly, is it worth an overnight stay in Hallstatt? After reading multiple travel blogs and travel forums, for me, it was a definitive yes. I was going to stay overnight in Hallstatt in the winter.

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A Winter Wonderland: Hallstatt Winter Pictures

If you’re even remotely taken by the Disney movie, Frozen (I’m a Disney nerd to the core), you will fall in love with Hallstatt in winter. It is every bit the picture perfect village you see in the pictures. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. I personally think Hallstatt is even more photogenic and beautiful in the winter. The pure white snow is stunningly draped over the old wooden houses, mountains surround the glassy lake, icicles hang from the roofs, and the Christmas lights twinkle. It is simply magic. We went at the end of January, and although it was cold, winter in Hallstatt nothing short of extraordinary.

Also visiting Vienna? Here is some inspiration for visiting Vienna in the winter!

winter in Hallstatt, Austriawinter in Hallstatt, Austriawinter in hallstatt, austriahallstatt, austria, winter

Hallstatt in Winter: Overnight or Day Trip?

This is an easy one. If you have the time, there is no question you should stay overnight. Sunset and sunrise is an opportunity for unique photos, walking around at night with the lights twinkling and the empty streets gives the feeling that you have Hallstatt all to yourself. And the view of the town and lake at dusk is unlike anything else. If you don’t have the time for an overnight trip, a day trip is better than nothing. But I can’t emphasize enough how much I loved going to bed and waking up here. Can you imagine tea or coffee on this deck in the morning?! 

The view in the next couple photos are from the deck of our hotel, Seehotel Grüner Baum, which I HIGHLY recommend! And this was not a sponsored stay. We picked this hotel based on the location and reviews and wouldn’t stay anywhere else now, knowing how wonderful it was.

Seehotel Gruner Baum, winter in Hallstatt, AustriaSeehotel Gruner Baum, winter in Hallstatt, Austria

Are Restaurants and Businesses Closed in Hallstatt During Winter?

Some are, but we never felt like it was a ghost town or the zombie apocalypse. There were plenty of shops open, lots of little restaurants in the morning for coffee and a handful for dinner. And during the day, there are still some tourists wandering around, without the sardine effect I’m sure summer visitors experience. We enjoyed dinner at a cute little romantic restaurant called Braugasthof am Hallstattersee.

winter streets in hallstatt, austria  restaurant, hallstatt, austria, winter

Where to Stay in Hallstatt in Winter

This is an easy one too. Seehotel Grüner Baum is just incredible. In my opinion, this is the best hotel in Hallstatt. I always tirelessly research hotels in a destination and choose one of the absolute best. Seehotel Grüner Baum is located in the best spot in town, right in the center of everything (in the historical square), on the water with the best views.

The hotel has been graced with the presence of many historical figures as well as provided the set for several films. First documented in 1700, the hotel has a long history. The traditional interior is quirky and elegant and the rooms are luxurious. They have a stunning restaurant with lake views as well as an incredible steam room and sauna. And it’s rather affordable! CLICK HERE FOR BOOKING AT SEEHOTEL GRUNER BAUM. 

winter in Hallstatt, Austriawaterfront room Seehotel Gruner Baum, winter in Hallstatt, AustriaSeehotel Gruner Baum, Hallstatt in winter, AustriaSeehotel Gruner Baum, Hallstatt in winter, AustriaSeehotel Gruner Baum, winter in Hallstatt, Austria

Austrian Steam Rooms in Winter

I didn’t realize what a big sauna culture Germany and Austria have prior to this trip. The steam rooms and saunas were the best surprise and treat, especially in the middle of a snowy January. I didn’t even think to look for a hotel that had them, but by chance I chose one in Hallstatt and in Munich. Jackpot! I brought really poorly insulated winter boots with me so my feet and toes were constantly freezing and going numb. Being able to hurry back to the steam room and warm myself up was seriously the best thing. The steam rooms in Seehotel Grüner Baum are amazing. There are showers and a relaxation area as well. 

sauna, seehotel gruner baum, Hallstatt in winter, Austria

Photo courtesy of Seehotel Grüner Baum

spa Seehotel Gruner Baum, winter in Hallstatt, Austria

Things to do in Hallstatt in Winter

Unfortunately you do miss out on some things in Hallstatt by going in the winter, but I promise it’s still worth it and there is no shortage of things to do in Hallstatt in the winter. You won’t be able to rent a boat to paddle around the lake or visit the Dachstein Ice Caves. But you do have access to the World Heritage Museum of Hallstatt, the 12th century Catholic church, the Bone House, and the Altaussee Salt Mine, which is the oldest salt mine in the world. This salt mine is about 20 minutes away from Hallstatt and is a different salt mine than the one actually in Hallstatt, which is closed during the winter.

There are so many magical winter activities in Hallstatt that don’t require going far including skiing for both beginners and pros, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horse drawn carriage rides, and even dogsledding! And again, spas. For more details about winter hikes and activities, click HERE

skiing near Hallstatt in winter, Austria

Photo courtesy of Seehotel Grüner Baum

dogsledding near Hallstatt in winter, Austria

Photo courtesy of Seehotel Grüner Baum

Getting to Hallstatt

Driving to Hallstatt

I really recommend driving to Hallstatt. It was a beautiful and rather easy drive, and much quicker than alternate methods. We rented a car from the Munich airport, drove to the Neuschwanstein Castle and stayed in Hohenschwangau for a night, then continued on to Hallstatt, then Salzburg, and back to Munich. Even though there was lots of snow, the roads were well maintained and clear of any snow. And once you get off the main roads, there was barely any traffic.

When you drive to Hallstatt, you come through a tunnel and keep going until you just drive past the town on your left. You will see parking areas with signs. Park in the P1 carpark (designated for guests staying overnight in the town center) or P2 for day visitors. In P1, make sure you choose “Hotel Ticket” so you don’t pay the more expensive day rate, check in with the attendant or use the call system, and take the shuttle into town which stops at the hotels. The shuttle will give you the times for pickup to bring you and your luggage back to your car for departure. You can’t drive into the town. Parking costs about 18 Euros per day, or less if you stay there longer than 1 day. Read this for more information on parking in Hallstatt.

countryside, Hallstatt in winter, Austriadrive to Hallstatt in winter, Austria

Train to Hallstatt

Another option is taking the train, which arrives on the opposite side of the lake, and then the ferry boat across the lake, which is still in operation during the winter.

Bus to Hallstatt

There is a direct bus that runs from Salzburg to Hallstatt as well and goes straight into town, which makes it a little quicker than pairing train and ferry. 

If you’re in Austria, there’s also a good chance you’ll be visiting Vienna. Click Here for an excellent guide to 48 hours in Vienna.

What to Pack for Winter in Hallstatt

Warmth is your primary goal. Trying to look cute is totally secondary. I’m emphasizing this because I may have gotten them backwards on my trip. I’m guilty of underestimating how cold it is to walk around in below freezing conditions for hours on end, especially with a windchill. It was so crisp and clear in January, many days I couldn’t feel my feet so we’d stop in a shop to get indoors and I’d literally have to take my shoes off and rub my feet to get feeling back to them. Don’t be miserable like me. Pack smart.

You can click on any of the following item’s pictures to be taken to their pages and see prices and details. 

A Coat

A warm puffy coat that covers your butt when you sit and a hood is damn near necessary. I’m totally in love with my down Marmot like this one, which kept me totally toasty up top.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Whether you wear these under your pants or just by themselves with a sweater or dress, fleece-lined leggings are seriously a life saver. If I’d attempted to wear jeans with nothing underneath them, I might not be alive right now.


They take up almost no room in your bag and they will make a world of difference. Ears are so sensitive to the cold.


Everyone knows wool is warm. Especially when you pair it with those fleece-lined leggings.


I find that I’m always warmer with mittens than gloves. You can’t forget mittens in winter in Hallstatt.

Warm Boots

This may seem obvious but the boots I thought would be warm left me almost losing toes. Warm socks don’t cut it when your shoes aren’t insulated. I ended up buying some boots towards the end of our trip that were so wonderfully warm and lined with wool, I was pissed I hadn’t bought them at the beginning. The brand is called Bär. They were more than I normally spend on shoes/boots, but I kid you not when I say I wear them almost every day at work during the appropriate season because they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. They’ve held up perfectly and still look brand-new. I’m on my feet all day and I’ve tried a lot of shoes. I wish everyone had a pair of these. Next time I go to Europe, I’m finding a store and buying more.
 bar shoes, Nastasja

My other favorite shoe brand on the planet is called Pikolinos. I’ve had two pairs of their flats and sandals, and they too are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

So in Conclusion…

If your question is whether or not you should visit Hallstatt in winter, the answer is a resounding YES! Hallstatt, Austria winters are pure magic. 

Why you should visit Hallstatt in winter!


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42 thoughts on “Why You Should Visit Hallstatt in Winter

  1. Amanda

    Oooo. I’ve always seen photos of Hallstat in the spring/summer, but it looks even prettier in the winter! Definitely like something straight out of “Frozen.”

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Oh that is so awesome! I’m so glad it was inspiring! I seriously fell in love with Hallstatt too. If you were looking to just relax and walk around town in any season, I would say one day and night would be enough. But if you wanted to do some activities (winter or summer) like hiking, snowshoeing, going to the salt mine or ice caves, paddle around on the lake, I’d say two full days at least. I’d love to go back in the summer and do some hiking and paddle the lake! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Ozzy

    Great tip about what to wear. So many visitors turn up in winter with mini skirts and ballarinas, then complain it is cold and do not bother venturing out and miss everything. It can happen a lot in winter that the weather up on the Krippenstein, in nearby Obertraun, is better than in the shady valley. Oh, and Obertraun oftens makes a better base for discovering the area, especilally if you want to do some winter activities.

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Thanks for your tips and comments! I can imagine (just like so many other places) tourists dress inappropriately or wrong for the weather, haha! And I wonder if we drove through Obertraun? We drove through so many beautiful little towns on our drive, I could’ve stayed in every single one. Thanks for stopping by and visiting and commenting, I truly appreciate it.

  3. Lois Alter Mark

    Hallstatt looks gorgeous, and I’d love to visit in winter when everything looks so magical. I’m with you on the Pikolinos – absolutely my favorite shoes and I’ve worn them to death!

  4. Francesca

    I’m a big proponent of winter travel – and of travel to places that people normally don’t visit in winter. Hallstatt seems to fall into that category so I applaud your efforts in visiting and in convincing others to do the same. I’ve wanted to visit Hallstatt for – well, forever – and it seems I’d completely enjoy it in winter!

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Yes! I agree so much! You get better prices, less crowds, and sometimes it’s even more beautiful! Thank you so much Francesca for stopping by and for your kind comments! You should totally visit Hallstatt too.

  5. Lara Dunning

    I would love to go here in the winter as I love snowy landscapes. The town looks so beautiful and I’d be happy with the winter time activities and getting cozy in a sauna.

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment. I’ve always wanted to visit Hallstatt in the fall as well. Looks beautiful. But yes, snow takes it to a whole new level! Thank you so much for visiting!

  6. Aleena

    Hi Jessica,
    Lovely photos!

    We are hitting Hallstatt just after Christmas this year and these photos have got me excited even more!

    May I ask which mont these photos were taken ? 🙂

    Hoping for a snowy trip!

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Hi Aleena! Yes, we were there mid to end of January. Hopefully you’ll have snow right after Christmas. I’m glad the pictures got you excited! Hallstatt is seriously so cute. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.

  7. Armel

    Wow this place is amazing. Di you thibk its save to go on a solo travelong for women there? Im syung ti go this winter

  8. darekandgosia.com

    There are few more interesting places than Hallstadt in the Salzkammergut area 😉

    Have you visited the Stairway to Nothingness or been to Schafberg? The views are amazing from both!

  9. Stella Angelita

    Hi. Thank you for sharing about Hallstatt in winter. I will go to Hallstatt at the next winter, and currently get confused whether I should drive / take train? I’ve seen the train route and as you said, we need to take a ferry after train ride. However, the ferry doesn’t “work” in winter and we need to take a bus to go to Hallstatt. I’m thinking to rent a car for 1 day trip, but since you said we can’t drive to the town, I was wondering where should we park the car? Do you know the name of the parking place? And is there any shuttle to go to the town? Because we didn’t stay overnight. Thanks

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Hi Stella! So glad it could be of use to you and glad to help answer your questions. I’m pretty positive the train runs all year long, unless the train is not operating for maintenance, and times are in concordance with train arrivals. If you decide to rent a car, you can drive so close to the town, it won’t matter. Parking is easy and there are a few lots to park. A shuttle will come to take you to the center of town and back to your car again. I linked to the parking website in my post and they have lots of great information with prices, etc. I hope that helps! Have so much fun!

  10. Jane Banag

    Wow! Hallstatt looks like such a beautiful and picturesque place! I’ve always wanted to visit Austria. Aside from Vienna, I will also definitely add Hallstatt to my travel bucket list 🙂 Thanks for sharing those stunning photos! <3


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