The Best Luxury Hotel in Athens, Greece – Hotel Grande Bretagne – A Review

Hotel Grande Bretagne, luxury Athens

There I was, in the amazing city of Athens, and I should’ve been out exploring and seeing it for the first time, but the softness of the bed sheets won out. I’m not even kidding. They were the softest I’ve ever felt. And the slippers were the softest too. How’d they do that?! Hotel Grande Bretagne certainly made it difficult to want to leave the room. Being the best luxury hotel in Athens, Greece, I suppose that makes them the expert in just that.

I let myself book the standard of luxury in Athens, the Hotel Grand Bretagne, to close out our Greek adventure. Why not? It’s not like I hadn’t splurged the entire two weeks in Greece prior to that; might as well finish strong, huh? The best luxury hotel in Athens, Greece is, undoubtedly, the historic and famous Hotel Grande Bretagne. You can learn more by visiting their website HERE. 

bedroom, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece

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Luxury at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

This historic Athens hotel is like a dream. Totally different from the whitewashed luxury cave suites I’d been staying at on the islands, and more lavish to boot. The moment you glimpse the Hotel Grande Bretagne from the street, you instantly realize this hotel is an institution in Athens. It has a special place in history and enduring prestige. Waltz into the expansive lobby and be prepared to be impressed. There is someone to help you with anything you need and everyone is incredibly welcoming.

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece

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Hotel Grande Bretagne, lobby, Athens, Greece

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Spa at the Hotel Grande Bretagne

We spent our first evening here in the spa hopping from one steam room to another, from shower to pool to foot bath and back again. There are three steam rooms, plus a dry sauna. I didn’t even realize there was a spa until our arrival. If you are wavering on your choice for the best luxury hotel in Athens, maybe the steam rooms and indoor pool will sway you. They would have made it an easier decision for me. A spa always wins me over, hands down. Who wouldn’t want to stay here when you have three different temperature steam rooms with different herbal infusions in each?

Hotel Grande Bretagne indoor pool and spa

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Grande Bretagne spa steam room

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Grande Bretagne hotel spa steam room

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Rooms at Hotel Grande Bretagne

The rooms at Hotel Grande Bretagne are…well…grand. The bed is like a throne for slumbering. And slumbering we did. My best nights’ sleep in Greece took place right there in that bed. (Update: after being home for a few months, we still talk about that bed being the most comfortable we’ve ever slept in.) You feel like you’re sleeping in a palace with the regal decor. With floor to ceiling heavy curtains, a chandelier above the bed, and a cloud-like duvet, it feels a bit like you’re royalty and you’ll never want to leave.

rooms at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece

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Bathroom at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Dining at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

The Hotel Grande Bretagne rooftop restaurant and bar is a hot spot in Athens. Having been named as one the 101 Best Hotel Restaurants more than once, the 8th floor Mediterranean dining experience is known for it’s stellar cuisine and elite chef. With an awesome view of the Acropolis, it would be worth visiting the rooftop whether or not you’re a guest at the hotel even just to have a drink. The rooftop ambiance in the evening is perfect to grab a drink with the historical backdrop of the lit up Acropolis glowing in the background. The breakfast is an impressive smorgasbord of yumminess. Baguettes, fruits, meats, pastries galore, and so much more.

View of the Acropolis from Hotel Grande Bretagne rooftop

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

View of Acropolis from Hotel grande Bretagne rooftop restaurant

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

hotel grande bretagne acropolis view from bar

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Service at Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

Excellent service isn’t something I usually notice much until I actually receive it. Then it seems extremely impressive and obvious. To be greeted so warmly wherever you go at Hotel Grande Bretagne actually means something and makes the place memorable. And as silly as I think the concept of a turn down service is, I would be lying if I didn’t admit it kind of makes me giddy. I’ve only experienced a turn down service a couple of times in my life. Once, on safari in the Serengeti, I came back to my room with the lights dimmed and a hot water bottle heater under the covers warming up the bed. Something so simple, but I’ll never forget that. Hotel Grande Bretagne’s turn down service consisted of drawing the massive, regal curtains closed, putting slippers by the bedsides, a water bottle on each bedside table, and dimmed lights. There’s actually something relaxing about coming back to a room that welcomes and beckons you to bed and to sleep. Especially after hitting the spa.

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History of Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

The history of Hotel Grande Bretagne goes back much farther than I originally thought. Construction as a private mansion began in 1842, then following 3 decades of various uses, it finally received it’s first guest as a hotel in 1874. The Hotel Grande Bretagne transformed itself into the standard of luxury in Greece, a true Athenian institution, a landmark for any who came to the city. It was the obvious choice for royalty, political leaders, business tycoons, prominent names in art and literature, well-known journalists, and famous film stars when they visited Athens. The hotel was always the venue for important social gatherings, balls, fashion shows, prominent marriages, and banquets.

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

famous guests of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Location of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Centrally located in the safe and historic area of Athens, Hotel Grande Bretagne is perfect for exploring Athens by foot or public transportation. Directly across the street from the Syntagma Station, the hotel is well connected to the Metro Line and bus line. Transportation to the airport or Piraeus Port is convenient for public transport, or the hotel can arrange a taxi for you. Right by the hotel is the massive National Garden and a 10-20 minute walk will bring you to the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch, or the beautiful streets of Plaka.

Hadrian's Arch, Athens Greece

From the archives of Hotel Grande Bretagne

There really is no question that Hotel Grande Bretagne is the best luxury hotel in Athens, Greece. You won’t be disappointed if you opt to choose this historical gem in the heart of one of the most iconic cities in the world. Click here to read about the best things to see and do in Historic Athens. 

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The Best Luxury Hotel in Athens, Greece - Hotel Grande Bretagne - A Review

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6 thoughts on “The Best Luxury Hotel in Athens, Greece – Hotel Grande Bretagne – A Review

  1. Crazy Travelista

    That restaurant view alone makes me want to stay here! This hotel looks so grande and classy. And I’m loving the amazing spa too! And a little obsessed with your outfit in the first pic 🙂

  2. Christina

    This hotel looks AMAZING!!! We are luxury travelers and love finding beautiful hotels to stay in. The spa looks glorious, the rooftop doing views are breathtaking and the room looks beautiful too. Saved this post and hotel for a chance we go to Greece one day.

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      Oh thank you so much Christina! I love a little luxury in my life:) This is definitely it in Athens. Every one from Athens who we had to tell where we were staying (taxi drivers, etc.) all said, “That is the nicest hotel in Athens.” I was rather impressed. Haha.


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