The Best Photo Spots in Cartagena, Colombia

instagrammable spots in cartagena colombia

Of all the cities in the world, Cartagena is a special kind of picturesque. The level of Instagrammable spots in Cartagena is off the charts. The colonial architecture, the bougainvillea draped all over, the sunsets lighting up the sky, the vibrant buildings and massive doors, the colorfully dressed ladies with fruit bowls on their heads…it all makes Cartagena a deliciously photogenic scene. So where are these Instagrammable photo spots in Cartagena? Here are my picks for the best photo spots in Cartagena.

1) Carrera 4 Facing South Towards St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

This particular street in the walled Old City has a lot of great shops and restaurants, the beautiful costumed ladies with fruit baskets often hang around here to grab you and take pictures, subsequently forcing you to tip them, and the stunning cathedral looms in the background.

Best Photo Spots in Cartagenabest cartagena photos

Carreras run north and south and Calles run east and west. The intersection between Calle 36 and Carrera 4 is a great landmark. It leads us to my favorite coffeeshop in Cartagena, and next Instagrammable spot in Cartagena.

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2) Abacus Books and Coffee

When I stumbled upon this book store, my heart leapt with joy. It is so quaint and picturesque, we went here every morning for coffee (and to take pictures). They are very friendly there and it’s so fun to let the atmosphere of books fill you with appreciation. The coffee is great too, which pretty much solidified the fact that this is my favorite place in Cartagena. As mentioned above, you can find this bookshop on the corner of Calle 36 and Carrera 4.

Acabo Libro cafe cartagena

3) Carrera 10 in Getsemani

A good reference for finding this street (and an awesome restaurant for a healthy, Aussie breakfast vibe) is Cafe Stepping Stone. This street has colorful flags and a great vibe.

calle 10, photogenic places in cartagena

4) Calle de San Juan (Café del Mural)

This fantastically edgy street is also in Getsemani and has the best artist vibe. Street art abounds and the neighborhood is bustling with amazing restaurants. Don’t miss Café del Mural for some of the best rated, creative coffee. It was closed when we came by and I’m so bummed I didn’t get to try it.

Calle del San Juan Getsemani Cartagena

5) Calle 28 in Getsemani

Not far at all from the last mentioned street, Calle 28 is a little street we stumbled upon that I couldn’t help but dance down! The narrow street was practically empty of people, colorful, and strung with beautiful flags. I mean, seriously Instragrammable. I think this may have been the most photogenic street in Cartagena. You can google map “Yoga Lives” to find this picture perfect location in Cartagena.

Colorful streets of Calle 28 Getsemani Cartagena

6) Carrera 8 By Hotel 3 Banderas

Google map this hotel and you’ll love this street in the northern area of the old town.

7) Iglesia de Santo Toribio

I like big doors and I cannot lie. And Cartagena is full of them. This particular one was one of my favorites. It is right next to the luxury Bastion Hotel and a short block or two from the previously mentioned Carerra 8.

best churches for photos in Cartagena

8) The Rooftop of Movich Hotel

The Movich Hotel is a gorgeous hotel in a perfect location in the old city of Cartagena. But what makes it so ridiculously cool is the rooftop. Possibly the best views in Cartagena, you can’t miss getting a cocktail here for sunset and perhaps having a dip in their pool.

Movich hotel cartagena rooftop movich rooftop cartagena

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9) Hotel Aguamarina

I may be biased since this was our hotel, but I put hours of effort into choosing it based on being photogenic and an awesomely Instagrammable Cartagena hotel. The room, the balcony, the rooftop pool and view all sold me. Absolutely awesome hotel and I’d stay again in a heartbeat.

balcony of Hotel Aguamarina, Cartagenahotel aguamarina cartagenarooftop pool, Hotel Aquamarina, cartagena

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10) Getsemani Street Art

There is so much art around Getsemeni, it’s hard to list the locations for it all. Have a wander around and you’ll stumble upon so much creativity, you’re mind will be blown!

Getsemani street artstreet art in Getsemani, CartagenaGetsemani, Cartagena street artgetsemani walls, cartagenaGetsemani Cartagena street art

Cartagena is full of surprises and gems around every corner. Hopefully you enjoyed this compilation of the best photo spots in Cartagena. I’m sure you’ll come up with even more Instagrammable places of the best photo spots in Cartagena yourself!

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Best Photo Spots, Cartagena

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11 thoughts on “The Best Photo Spots in Cartagena, Colombia

  1. Mayuri

    Love your beautiful photos. My favorite is Carrera 10 in Getsemani. I have Cartagena on my list, its moving up now – after reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. casper Christianson

    Do you actually look and enjoy where you are or just snap a a bunch of photos of yourself and leave? It’s sick that travel had been taken over by a bunch of narcissitic millennials trying to make a quick buck off of photos while the rest of us spend thousands getting and staying at a place only to have to wait in line while you take your photos.

    1. Jessica Carpenter Post author

      I understand it’s easy to assume something about someone based on the title of a blog post. You know nothing about me, who I am, that I’ve been traveling long before social media existed, taking 2000 photos on travels long before Instagram. When my husband died, I inherited his camera and became passionate about photography and even more about travel when I travelled for 6 months after he died. I feel like your comment is completely irrational, but I understand the assumption. I began my blog as a therapeutic way to write about my husband and my journey with his cancer. When I finished that story, I wanted to continue writing because I’ve always loved to write. So I decided I wanted to merge my passions of travel, writing, and photography into a travel blog that may inspire friends and family to see some of these amazing places. A couple years in, I learned people could actually monetize their site and make a little income sharing about the places they visited and recommended. When I travel, as I always have, I see everything. In real life and as exciting photography opportunities. As the invention of instagram came along, I started sharing more pictures that included myself. Eventually, followers and friends prefer to see you in photos, so I continue that trend today. I can honestly say I’ve never once waited in line to get a photo anywhere. Except maybe to see Micky Mouse. But thanks for publicly trying to humiliate someone you know nothing about.


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